Rules of Projects:

When someone praises your art, your one and only response should be “Thank you”.

If they go on and ask “what would you do differently next time?” ONLY THEN are you allowed to point out all of the flaws that are terribly obvious to your eye. But not until they ask what you would change.

We spend hours (hundreds sometimes) staring at our own work. We see all the places where our work does not match our mental image (and is wrong/bad). We also grow as an artist while we are working on our project so the things we did at the early stages of our project now appear to be wrong and novice to our now more experienced eye.

Do not tear down your art because you have spent thousands of hours staring at it. It really is a beautiful thing and you’re allowed to accept praise for it without negating the praise with your own criticism.

As we sew so shall we rip.
The Cinderella Rule: Never start cutting fabric after midnight. Down that path lies peril and madness.
Sewing machines can sense deadlines. Beware.

Top Projects:
HAVE-TOs (repairs or promises which need to get done)

  • Cotehardie for Fearghus (deadline 12th night)
  • Cotte for me (deadline 12th night)
  • Cotehardie for Coenwulf (deadline 12th night)
  • Landsknecht outfit for Fearghus

WANT-TOs (current sparkly project which has captured my interest)

    – All the knitting.

Project bucket list: ie: projects I’d like to do.. but have no deadlines and haven’t yet started

  • 2 pairs sewn linen socks for me
  • Rectangular cloak for Fearghus (design. applique and embroidery)
  • Pointy Viking Hat white fur trim and posament (Have finial, need to figure out pattern and cloth)
  • Viborg undershirt for Fearghus
  • Weave Wickelbander
  • Wall hangings for sunshade


  • Fix gutters on tent
  • Add d-rings to two sides of regent
  • need new silk banners (1 for top of pavillion, 3 for centers of sunshades, 5 for corners of sunshade (document))



  • Buttoned sleeves for Autumn Gold waisted kirtle (finished 1/5/2020)





  • White Partlet (finished 3/2016)
  • Hannah Brown kirtle(finished 3/2016)


  • New tunic for Fearghus (handed off to Treásach for embellishment) (finished 10/2015)
  • Under kirtle (finished 2/2015)
  • Black tunic for Romelo (finished 1/2015)


  • Erik’s Waffenrock (finished 12/2014)
  • Coenwulf’s Waffenrock (finished 11/2014)
  • Kolskegg and Katla step down outfits (Finished 11/2014)
  • 2 more short sleeved tunic for Fearghus, blue and green (Finished 8/2014)
  • New fighting pants (Rus) for Fearghus(red/brown from Etaine) (Finished 8/2014)
  • New fighting tunic for Fearghus(Finished 8/2014)
  • Added eyelets and a lace to the front of the black and cobalt kirtles (Finished 2/10/2014)


  • Replace stake loops on new tent (finished 1/15/2013)
  • Black Linen Rus pants for Fearghus (finished 5/2/2013)
  • Paint box for Lord and Lady of Golden Rivers. (finished 5/12/2013)
  • Black Linen Tunic to try out new pattern for Fearghus (finished 6/11)
  • Trim for white tunic for Fearghus (finished 6/20)
  • White Linen Tunic for Fearghus’ knighting (Finished 6/22)
  • Queen’s Champion Tabard for Fearghus (Finished 9/27)
  • Patsy’s Grey Velvet Cotehardie with Tippets (Finished 10/5)
  • Painted Queen’s Champion symbols on shield for Fearghus (Finished 10/8)
  • Simple Diamonds.. err Chevrons trim for Sciath (Finished 10/13/2013)
  • Green tunic for Miach (Finished 10/26)
  • Gold Rus pants for Miach (Finished 11/15)



  • Orange undertunic for Mikolaj, His Highness of the Mists(Finished 1/29). Tunic was completely hand-finished.
  • Fuzzy Hat for Dad (Finished 2/5).
  • Rust Brown Hood  (Finished 4/8).
  • Olive green fighting tunic with trim for Fearghus (Finished 4/10)
  • Purple undertunic for Vittoria, Her Highness of the Mists (finished 4/28). Tunic is completely hand-finished.
  • Green Tunic for me (finished 4/28)
  • Black hood (finished 4/30)
  • Blue German/Swiss dress for Nate&Dusty’s Wedding(finished 5/21/2011)
  • White cote for His Majesty Mark (passed on to next person on 6/12/2011)
  • Pennsic sewing (finished 7/31/2011) (2 stola, 1 braies and 1 chemise for me; 3 tunics, 1 vest and 1 pants for Tony; 1 pants for Big John; 2 pants, 1 tunic, 2 coif and 2 braies for Fearghus)
  • Fixed collar on Hemd II (added buttons and loops) (finished 8/24/2011)
  • Fixed fit of bodice on blue german(finished 9/28/2011)
  • Fighting pants for F (finished 11/11/2011)
  • Gollar(finished 12/3/2011)


  • Fuzzy hat for mom (Mailed 3/28. Pics to follow)
  • Byzantines for F (Blue and white are done 4/15).
  • new pants to match Byzantines used QnD pattern (blue/grey striped linen)(Finished 5/14/2010)
  • Hand sewn exact reproduction of Viborg shirt (Mark 1 done 4/19/2010)
  • Fighting tunic for F (dark blue linen, long sleeve)(finished for M/C War 5/15/2010)
  • new poles for sunshade reconfiguration(3@12 ft) (finished for M/C War 5/15/2010)
  • German-ating
  • Handout for Viborg class (finished for Kingdom A&S June 11-13)
  • Arianwen’s Saxon Dress for October Crown

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