The many faces of Sylvie (AKA: Sylvie: time traveller of fashion)

Medieval-oid Casual

Debarchery, October 2002
Debarchery in 2002 was the first event I ever Autocratted (for those keeping score, I joined the SCA in February of 2002). In this picture I’m dressed in Medieval-oid Casual. Long sleeved chemise, shorter sleeved blue over-tunic, and a red half circle cloak held in place by a metal clasp. All the tunics were made using the T-tunic pattern. The only bright spot here is that everything was either wool or linen. Even way back then I had good taste in fibers. I honestly don’t know where the under tunic went.. the over tunic I added black cuffs to it and gave it to my brother at some point. I’m fairly certain I still have the red half-circle cloak.

My first cote (AKA: Gothic Fitted Greenland gown)

March Crown, 2003
This is my first Twelfth Night dress. I was so proud of this dress. This was my first complex undertaking. I labored over the dress. I’ve learned a lot since then. This dress sold for $45 at Ducal 2006.

My second Italian dress

Mists Spring Coronet, April 2004
Wilhelm took this picture. In the original picture you could see the parking lot in the background. Wilhelm “fixed” the picture. This was my second attempt at an italian dress I honestly don’t know where the first attempt went to. Someday I’ll even get around to adding the guarding at the bottom of the dress. This dress sold for $50 at Ducal 2010.

My first Viking apron dress.

Cynagua Fall Coronet, October 2004
Ignore the vaguely pissed off look. It was hot and I was wearing two layers of wool. I think this might be the only time I ever wore this apron dress. It was made of wool.. but it was a freakishly modern wool that had strings woven in with the wool threads to prevent the fabric from fulling. This dress fit nicely and would have been perfect for say an Oerthan (Alaskan) Coronet. Anything in central kingdom (California) was just way too hot. I’m French. I’m not a little viking chick.. that said, Fearghus fights for me.. and to honor him I wear viking clothing when he fights for me.

My second cote

Cynagua Investiture, February 2005
(Dress Diary)
I made this dress for the Twelfth Night in January 2005. Someday I hope to finish the sleeves and make an overdress for it. This was made using Robin Netherton’s method for fitting a cote. The dress was yellow wool lined in white linen. This dress did not have a waist seam so the skirt ended up fairly narrow. Sadly moths got to this dress while it was stored away and I had to toss it.

Button sleeved tunic

March Crown, March 2005
This dress was actually my 12th night dress made for January of 2004. This picture was take in 2005. This is your basic button sleeved tunic. Very comfortable. Very simple.

My first Saxony Court dress

Purgatorio, August 2006
(Dress Diary)
Love love loving the german dress. Looked smashing. Will probably make more. Nit picky wierdnesses with this dress still need to be ironed out.. but all-in-all wow. Sock-knocking-off dress. This dress sold for $45 at Ducal 2011.

My first Swiss Style gown

Cynaguan Spring Coronet, June 2010
(Dress Diary)
Still LOVING the German Dresses. After a long hiatus I started sewing again. After careful consideration I decided that the clothing of a “kampfrau” was probably the most appropriate clothing for camping.
I was both right and wrong. German Kampfrau is fantastic for camping.. but wool is way too hot for central California.

Now with bonus Wulsthaube.

Processing into October Crown Invocation

October Crown, October 2011
(Dress Diary)

When my brother got married in May 2011 I was in the wedding party. My instructions were to make “a blue dress I’ll wear again in the future” and that “SCA clothes are fine”. So I made this blue outfit. LOVE LOVE LOVE the Germans.

Processing into March Crown Invocation 2012

March Crown, March 2012
My first attempt at a Kentish outfit. It’s ok.. but there are a lot of details missing that I want to add.

Photo by Juliana of Avon

Cynaguan Spring Coronet, May 2012
(Dress Diary)
This is my second attempt at a cotehardie(kirtle, cote, whatever you want to call it). This time it has a waist seam, is made entirely of linen, has a much wider skirt (full circle) and is much better fitted (I think I’ve gotten better at sewing over the last 7 years).

At this point I’m LOVING the short sleeved linen kirtles and expect to do a lot more of them in the future.

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Other Dress Diaries

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Sometimes any effort is better than no effort. These are peri-oid patterns that have very little research behind them. Mostly they’re published here because others have requested my pattern or because I hate having to hunt up that random piece of paper everytime I make one of these. Use them or not as you will.

One-size fits all L-4XL Pants
Quick&Dirty Peri-oid tunic cutting patterns
Quick&Dirty Tunic Construction with machine-made flat-felled seams

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