16th Century

Late period shirt for a 5-year-old

White linen shirt sized for a 5-year-old started June 15, 2018. Finished March 4, 2019.
To be fair making this shirt went fairly quickly. Unfortunately I started making this for my son and then got pulled off to a lot of other projects. It probably only took about a week to sew it together but that was spread out over almost a year.

It turns out that based on my son’s chest measurement he is EXACTLY the size laid out in the child’s shirt pattern shown in “The Tudor Child” (p. 77-78)(https://amzn.to/2ld5iZS). The book calls for “tiny flat felled seams”. The seams are very short so I decided to construct and finish the shirt entirely by hand. The seams were sewn with running stitch for the first pass and overcast for the second pass.

I decided to use a plain cuff and collar. The shirt is gathered lightly into the cuff and collar. I used a strong thread to form a gather stitch (the brown thread showing in a few pictures). As soon as the first side of the cuff or collar was attached I clipped and removed the gathering thread.

I ended up pulling a couple of buttons from my stash. I added two buttons (because it seemed like a good idea) but I suspect a single button would be more correct. With only a single button the front opening seems impossibly long. I think on the next shirt I’ll make the front slit shorter and eliminate the second button.

Final note: At Purgatorio in late August of 2019 I gifted this shirt to a friend whose son is the same age as my son but is of a slighter build.


When I sew I tend to have something on TV in the background. I’ve decided it amuses me to record what I watched with the item.

Lucifer (seasons 1-3) – (Netflix) Curiously thought provoking. I’m going to pretend the last two episodes on Netflix just don’t exist (because they’re bullshit) and have decided to believe that when Netflix releases season 4 it will just start off right after the end of “A Devil of My Word” and that FINALLY the “will they/won’t they” of the whole freaking series will get addressed/resolved. Do you hear me Netflix? Address this or there will be tableflipping!!
The Umbrella Academy (season 1) -(Netflix) Super powers give you super problems for which you come up with super coping mechanisms with a sprinkling of time travel. Highly recommend. I may go back and re-watch it.

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