Blue and White Byzantines

For 12th night January 2010 Fearghus was supposed to wear Byzantines. Instead we attended a wake and memorial.

Anyway, because we didn’t go to 12th night I actually took alot more time finishing this garb.

Blue linen with woven appliqued clavi.
white linen tunic with gold/white thin trim

I used the “Feaghus Sized” patterns from my QnD Tunic patterns and just modified the undertunic to have “tight” sleeves.. and the overtunic to have 3/4 sleeves.

Ideally the white and the blue tunics will be worn together. I actually don’t expect that to happen too often. Two layers of linen may cause my honey to spontaneously combust. So, with that in mind, the white “undertunic” is decorated -enough- so that it could be worn as a stand-alone over tunic. C’est la vive.

My camera seems to have injected a lot of red into the picture of the blue tunic. The linen isn’t NEARLY that purplish and the clavi are gold on a black background.

I’ll update this post once I have pictures of him wearing the tunics 😀 Anyway. Moving on.

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