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Late period breeches for a 5-year-old

Brown wool lined in natural linen breeches sized for a 5-year-old started March 6, 2019. Finished March 11, 2019.

Continuing with the theme of “clothe the child” I made a pair of “Gorinchem breeches to fit a child aged ten years” shown in “The Tudor Child” (p. 94-95)(https://amzn.to/2ld5iZS).  My son is only 5.. but he’s a HUGE 5-year old. Technically he probably should not be “breeched” until he’s 7-10 years old.. but I decided I liked the look better in breeches and modernly he used to wearing pants. These are a bit big in the waist but they’ll work well once they’re pointed to the doublet (the next project). If I’m lucky (God, please let me be lucky) these will fit him for the next 5 years. I’m not holding my breath.

For these I used the last of some wool that I had in my stash and lined them in some natural linen also from my stash. In all I’d guess I used about a yard of each. I also use 4 fairly generic shanked buttons from my stash.

As with all the patterns in “The Tudor Child” double check the seam allowance that needs to be added to the pattern BEFORE attempting to draw out the pattern. I ended up using the pattern as presented with 1/2″ seam allowance added on all edges. I did not adjusting the pattern at all for fit.

All of the steps as laid out in the book were fairly intuitive. I’m not a huge fan of bag-lining but in this case it worked out pretty well.

I also followed the instructions and added pockets to the side seams. This pocket is shaped different and attached slightly different from the pocket laid out in The Modern Maker vol. 2 (https://amzn.to/2T0Qz30). In general, I like how this pocket was setup. In specific when gathering the tops of the breeches I need to be sure to use a stronger thread (probably buttonhole twist at least) when drawing up the gathers. If the pockets weren’t inside the waist band seam then regular sewing thread would be enough to draw up the gather in two layers of fabric. With the pockets in the seam this added 2-3 additional layers of fabric which made it much harder to gather.

These went together very quickly. In fact it was so quick I took exactly zero progress shots. Sorry.


When I sew I tend to have something on TV in the background. I’ve decided it amuses me to record what I watched with the item.

The Umbrella Academy (season 1) -(Netflix) Super powers give you super problems for which you come up with super coping mechanisms with a sprinkling of time travel. Highly recommend. I may go back and re-watch it.
The Walking Dead (season 8) – (Netflix) It’s the end of the world and the walking dead are not the biggest problem in the world. At some point last year or the year before I got busy and stopped keeping up with these episodes. I’m a HUGE post-apocolypse lover so it’s weird that I just let it trail off. Anyway, I’m caught up now (on Netflix anyway).

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