Quick&Dirty Peri-oid pants

This is it. This is my instructions for quick and dirty peri-oid pants that seem to fit everyone. Granted, I’ve only made about 4 pairs of these.. and each time I make a pair the pattern evolves a little bit… but they’re getting close to passible. They’re tons better than sweats and jeans.

  • These will yield a pair of pants that are relatively comfortable and resemble “period” pants for those who don’t know anything about actual “period” pants.
  • The front is shorter than the back.
  • Measurements are in inches, include seam allowance, and a waist band of 3 inches. For those of you who think in centimeters.. 1 cm ~= 1/2 inch (If I did the conversions for you I’d just mess it up).
  • I use flat-fell seams throughout. It make sense to me and goes together nicely.

Cut out two rectangles that are 56 inches by 40 inches each. These will be the two legs.

Fold these so that it makes each leg 56 inches long by 20 inches wide.

Cut each leg as indicated at the right. Remember, the front is shorter than the back.. so only the front will have a 4 inch triangle removed from it.

Flat-fell all the seams. You can make these with or without a gusset. For fighting pants (or yoga) I recommend adding a gusset. My honey informs me that 10 inches for the gusses is a bit huge… Use your best judgement. I wouldn’t go any smaller than 5 inches square.

Add a drawstring. I ususally encase this in the waist seam. Be sure to make the string itself longer than 80 inchs. That way it won’t disapper back into the casing.

I made this pattern up. I haven’t finished researching actual period pants to say how close/far this is from anything they might actually have worn. Adjust the measurements/sewing instructions, gusset however makes you happiest. Have fun.

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