Tablet Weaving Annotated Bibliography

Collingwood, Peter. The Techniques of Tablet Weaving. McMinnville: Robin & Russ Handweave’s, Inc, 2002. Print. ISBN 1-56659-055-8.
– – This is -the- reference book. That said it can be a little bit tricky to understand what he’s trying to explain.

Crowfoot, Elisabeth and Hawkes, Sonia Chadwick, “Early Anglo-Saxon Gold Braids,” Medieval Archaeology 11. 1967. p. 42-86. PDF.
– – Includes details and patterns for gold brocaded bands from a man’s grave at Taplow Barrow and finds from Kentish Anglo-Saxon women’s graves.

Crowfoot, Grace M. “Textiles of the Saxon Period in the Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology”, Cambridge Antiquarian Society Proceedings 44 (1950), pp. 26-32. Print.
– – Details about Anglo-Saxon bands found adhered to wrist clasps and the band woven in split-pack method found adhered to a belt strap-end (eg. the threaded in anglo-saxon double diamonds pattern).

Crowfoot, Grace M. “Anglo-Saxon Tablet Weaving,” Antiquaries Journal 32, nos. 3-4. 1952. p. 191. Print.
– – Details about tablet weaving found in Anglo-Saxon graves attached to wrist clasps on women’s garments.

Englund, Sonja Berlin. Brickvävning – så in I Norden (Tablet Weaving – in true nordic fashion). Kalmar, Sweden. Print. ISBN 19-630-2414-4.
– – Text is in swedish(?) but there is an English translation available. Many black-and-white photographs and many pattern graphs.

van Epen, Marijke. First Steps in Tablet Weaving
– – Book for beginners: terms, tools, threading, etc. are introduced. Double faced patterns are explained, as well as their charting, and creating own designs is discussed. Last chapter disccusses threaded-in patterns.
Order from

van Epen, Marijke. Special Tablet Weaving.
– – The tablet weaving techniques of the Toraja Tribes of Sulawesi, Indonesia. Also in Dutch. Order from

van Epen, Marijke. The unknown tablet weaving.
– – Textiles from Peru and Bolivia, traditionally woven on a heddle, transposed to tablet weaving. With Dutch version offered in extra booklet. Order from

Fitzgerald, Maria Amelia. Textile Production in Prehistoric and Early Medieval Ireland. Volume V of V Catalogue nos. 777-1178 pages 502-756. PDF.
– – Catalogue of extant finds. Bone and wood tablet weaving tablets included (starting at p. 733 of the document (p. 233 of the pdf))

Hendrickson, Linda. Please Weave A Message. Portland: self published. 2003. Print.
– – Instructions on double-weave and graphs for several alphabets.

Karisto, Maikka and Pasanen, Mervi, Applesies and Fox Noses: Finnish Tabletwoven Bands (Omenaisia ja revonneniä Suomalaisia lautanauhoja). Tallinn Raamatutrükikoda: Salakirjat. 2013. Print.
– – Text is in Finnish with an English translation. Many color photos and illustrations. Instructions on tablet weaving, Finnish diagonals and patters for some Carelian Iron Age bands. Available from the publisher:—finnish-tabletwoven-bands

Malan, Linda and Leet, Krista, The Willful Pursuit of Complexity. Self published. Print.
– – Instructions and background about the Icelandic missed-hole technique. To get a copy Contact Linda Malan She sells the books. You would need to check with her about shipping.The cost of the book is $30 + $whatever the cost is for priority mail. Then you send a check to: Linda Malan @ 636 Daley St. #7, Edmonds, WA 98020.
– – In Europe, the book is also available via Marijke van Epen through her website

Mikhailov, Kirill. “New finds of Viking Age textiles in Ukraine and Russia.” Archaeological Textiles Newsletter 47. 2008. p. 17-20. PDF. ‎
– – Nice closeup of the remains of some brocaded tablet woven bands from the 10th century.

Peters, Cathy Ostrom. “The Silk Road Textiles at Birka: An Examination of the Tabletwoven Bands.” Silk Roads, Other Roads: Proceeding of the 8th Biennial Symposium of the Textile Society of America, Inc., Omnipress, Earleville, MD, 2002. PDF
– – Interesting secondary article about the Birka Tablet weaving. Contains summary of a lot of the details common to the Birka brocaded bands.

Spies, Nancy. Ecclesiastical Pomp & Aristocratic Circumstances: A Thousand Years of Brocaded Tabletwoven Bands. Jarrettsville, Maryland: Arelate Studio. 2000. Print.
– – How to do brocaded tablet weaving and many references to extant brocaded bands.

Spies, Nancy and Bargmann, Ute. Anna Neuper’s Modelbuch: Early Sixteenth-Century Patterns for Weaving Brocaded Bands. Jarrettsville, Maryland: Arelate Studio. 2003. Print.
– – Transcription of an book and patterns by Anne Neuper, a 16th century nun, of patterns for brocade bands.

Staudigel, Otfried. Der Zauber des Brettchenwebens / Tablet Weaving Magic. Self-published. 2000. ISBN 3-8311-1313-0.
– – Dual language book in both German and English. Patterns from oriental countries and 25 patterns in plain tablet weave. Limited preview here:

Ström, Louise . Krusband – Tablet Woven Poetry: A booklet from Spangmurs about tablet weaving without drawn patterns. Sweden: self published. 2012. PDF.
– – Booklet about basic tablet weaving and how to weave complex bands without a drawn pattern.

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