Sylvie’s rules of better SCA

As always, if you have a medical necessity or some other compelling reason then fine, don’t do the thing.. but other than that here are a few easy rules to up your medieval mellow and improve the medieval experience of those around you.

– Do not give alcohol to minors. If you are a minor, do not consume alcohol.
– Do not imbibe illegal substances.
– Be sure that you understand consent and have it. This applies both for touching and for sex. Be very very clear that you have a firm “yes” before proceeding with ANYTHING. Note: A drunk person cannot give consent no matter how enthusiastic their verbal consent.
– A revealing outfit does not imply consent.

Camp rules
– No drama.
– Be helpful.

Sylvie’s pet peeves:
– After setup and until after closing court do not go out onto the Eric* in your mundane clothes. If you do a town run, stay off the Eric. If you have to go on the Eric, throw a tunic on over your mundanes (or over shorts/jeans). This is a medieval event, don’t harsh someone’s medieval mellow.
– After setup and until after closing court do not drive your car on the road surrounding the Eric. This is a medieval event, don’t harsh someone’s medieval mellow.
– If you are driving your car, to drop off things, move it out to the parking lot as soon as possible. Leaving your car parked near your camp because it’s convenient is a dick move. This is a medieval event, don’t harsh someone’s medieval mellow.
– Put your drink into some kind of vessel. Cans and bottle are out of place and inappropriate. Glass, metal, wood, ceramic vessels are easy to come by.
– Sunglasses will kill your medieval vibe almost as quickly as a can in your hand. Hats are a wonderful period alternative.

Nice to have:
– proper head gear hides a plethora of hair sins (too short, modern cut, colors, etc.). It is also the quickest way to make an outfit look “right”
– contacts are easy to do and bump your medieval wa without impacting your ability to see.

Privy etiquette:
– Approach the privy. Identify a privy which appears to be available (green showing at the knob).
– Knock on the privy and then wait 4 seconds. (Occasionally people may be in the “open” privy and be unaware (or too drunk to know) that the knob is set to “open”)
– Open the privy, assess the state of the privy to confirm your garments are not going to drag in someone else’s muck.
– Enter the privy. Confirm there is toilet paper available in the privy.
– Do your business.
– Completely close the lid on the seat of the privy (this will allow the fumes to escape out the top of the privy rather than accumulating IN the privy).
– Exit the privy and close the door softly. This is especially important late at night when there may be folks sleeping near the privy. Lord knows you don’t want to listen “Bang-pap” going off all night long and waking you up.
– If you used the last of the toilet paper in the privy (or nearly so) or if you identified other privies that have no toilet paper pass that information on to the autocrat/event steward so that they can fix the situation for the next person (and so it’s fixed the next time you try to use them).

*Eric – The name for the large open field where most of the fighting will happen