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15 minute cure to the “donwannas”

I’m feeling a bit medievally blocked. All I want to do is knit (which I totally am doing) and my costuming stuff has kind of fallen by the wayside. I had a serious think about this and I came up with a couple of reasons:

– all of the projects at the top of my costuming todo list are production type projects. That is, I’ve already figured out how to make the thing and now I’m just making more of them. There’s not a lot new to explore here and I have a tiny case of the “donwannas”.

– My sewing room has slowly descended into a state of utter chaos. A War followed by a flight followed by another trip followed by a War followed by Crown has kept me scrambling and a lot of thing got shoved into the corner onto every flat surface in my sewing room. It has literally gotten to the point where walking into my sewing room would suck the creative juices right out of me. Leaving me again.. with the “donwannas”.

In an effort to address this second point I settled on the 15-minute plan. That is, I set a timer for 15 minutes and clear surfaces in my sewing room until the timer goes off. Once the timer goes off I’m allowed to stop… or I can keep going if I’m feeling it. It turns out that just getting past the start up and making some progress against the problem significantly increased my “wannas”.

As for the first point.. not sure how to address that. I suppose just get done with the production stuff and get back to figuring out new things. That said, I may need to go back and edit some “how I do {the thing}” posts that haven’t been updated in 10+ years even though my method has updated. I suppose that’s as good a plan as any.

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