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Tracking Knitting Rounds

I am a rank NOOB when it comes to knitting. That said, I hit upon a clever method to track which round I’m on while I was knitting my first project. I’m recording it here so I don’t forget it (and to have the information as it’s own post rather than just as a footnote on my first knitting project).

Losing my place
I ran into issue figuring out which round I was on. Most of the hat is knitted with alternating rounds(Round one {do this} round two {do that}. Repeat rounds until you get to {##} stitches on each needle). Towards the end of knitting the hat I finally devised a (to me) clever way to keep track of this. I added a stitch marker to designate the end of the round. To this stitch marker I clipped a second stitch marker. When I was on round 1 only one of these two stitch markers were on the needle. When I changed over to round 2 I would move it so that both of these stitch markers were on the needle (they were still hooked together, just both over the needle and none hanging). This made tracking my rounds MUCH easier. I suspect this would work even if there were more than two rounds just by adding addition clip on stitch markers. I’ll try to keep this in mind in the future.

2 thoughts on “Tracking Knitting Rounds

  1. Ohhh. I’m going to have to try this. I have a few row counter gadgets but don’t like them. This may work for me for patterns which require “do x for two rows, then do y for two rows”.

  2. A very good idea! When I’m doing rows that repeat on more than two rows, I ‘ll either hook that number of stitch markers together, moving thru the chain on each row as I knit it or I’ll use waste yarn and make.spaced knots to the number of rows.

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