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Voodoo Magic with Eyelets

My first YouTube video. Be gentle.

Machine done eyelets on a Janome 6600 using an Elna eyelet plate.

The Janome will do eyelets.. but it sews a circle. It’s not actually holding threads open or reinforcing the hole. In order to use the Janome eyelet you have to piece the fabric and you end up with raw thread sticking out. It’s not nearly as nice as my hand-done eyelets.

This is the next magical step.

I bought the plate off of Ebay and had my husband modify the faceplate for my Janome 6600 so that the plate will work on my machine,  I’ve seen plates like this for Husqvarna Viking machines and for the Elna.  In this case I got the Elna plate that uses posts so I was able to get it to work on my machine.

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