Started on the pants last night. After 20 minutes of frustrated pinning of fabric Fearghus suggested the he has some ratty cloth pants that could be sacrificed to the pattern. It took all of 5 minutes to get the seam lines drawn in the right place and cut it out. It took much much longer to lay out the new pattern pieces on some linen for the first attempt. This involved a lot of scrabbling around on the ground.
Finally I got both legs cut out. This is a new pattern to me. I’ve never put pants together in this way. They went together very quickly. Possibly more quickly than my normal “Quasi-peri-oid Pants” that I usually use.
I’ll need to adjust the initial pattern a little bit. I think the waist of the cloth pants were stretched out when he had them on.. so when I sewed the test patten together the gap for the codpiece was -huge-. We’re talking 8-10 inches across. Much larger then it needs to be. (especially when you consider that he was kinda iffy about the whole “codpiece” idea to begin with) I’ll add a bit of fabric and bring it back down to a reasonable size. I think I also need to raise the waist a little bit. Otherwise when he sits the pants will dip alarmingly. All-in-all I think it’s going very well.
Based on the size of the single piece leg pieces I can definately see why you would make this out of different colored stripes. If I have time I’ll definately try this.

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