Kampfrau (Trossfrau)

Green and Gold Swiss Gown

Finished dress worn 5/30/2010. Picture taken by Edith

Diary started August 1, 2006
Progress: “Finished” 5/30/2010. Dress is now wearable. Still has some finishing work to do on it.


So it turns out I look smashing in Germans. Whodathunk? So I’m willing to do it some more. This requires that I have more than one german gown. The Cranach type gown is lovely (see Cranach dress diary).. but not really camp garb. So I need a new dress. The clothes of a Kampfrau seem especially suited to camping (go figure). So it begins.

Research and Background

Details to include:

  • Dress made of wool lined in linen
  • Simple front-closing bodice that laces or hooks in the front (leaning towards hooks).
  • Multiple guards on the dress (assuming I find that guards are appripriate)
  • Fantasticly over-the-top sleeves.Since I want this to be a working dress it looks like “fantastic over-the-top sleeves” would be wrong.. so.. ok.. simple sleeves.
  • The dress of 1,001 accessories (bottle, knife, pouch, etc, etc)


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