Viborg Shirt

Resized Viborg Shirt

Resized Viborg shirt pattern work started on September 4, 2022. Sewing started on September 20, 2022. Initially finished on October 6, 2022. Neck hole re-done and finished again on November 29, 2022. Details: – light weight linen – Pattern based on the Viborg shirt – sized to fit an adult modern man – completely hand-sewn For literally years I’ve been…

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Fuzzy Hat

By request, here’s the pattern I use for my fuzzy hats. The hats are plausibly period but not based on any real research. I did see what looks like a fuzzy hat on the head of a Bulgar in an image from, “Menologium Basil ii” in image 345. Other images I’ve commented on are in this post. Cut out…

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16th Century, Ottoman

Pretty Pretty (Murder-y) Peacock Prince

In May 2022 my very good friend Helga won the Coronet for the Principality of the Mists in the West (Bay Area California) by her own hand (this happened to be the same Mists Coronet where I became a member of the Order of the Pelican). I was sad that my family is now living so far away (South Carolina)…

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Accessories, Antwerpen, Knitting

Red Brimmed Thrum Cap

(I actually finished this in May 2019 but realized that I’d never hit publish on the blog post). After my first thrummed cap I decided I wanted something a bit different. The first cap did not have a brim. It was also thrummed during the knitting (fiddly) and I felt that at 6″ the thrums were too long. Lastly after…

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14th-15th Century, kirtle

Burgundy wool cotte with cut-on bodice

Burgundy wool long-sleeved cotte with cut-on bodice started 11/6/2019. Paused for a while. Picked back up 1/8/2020. First worn 1/25/2020. Not yet finished (still needs lining in the body). Details: – This cotte will be constructed of burgundy summer weight wool interlined in the bodice with one layer of white heavier weight linen (4C22) and then with the full garment…

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14th-15th Century, Garb/Clothing

Coenwulf’s Cotehardie

Coenwulf’s cotehardie started December 26, 2019. Finished on December 31, 2019. Details: – fully lined men’s cotehardie using the pattern posted here: Conjectural late 14th/15th century men’s cotehardie pattern with a collar – New Black linen lined in new orange linen. Orange is stamped. – Buttons down the center front to the waist. – Buttons on the ends of the…

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14th-15th Century

Copper and Verdigris Cotehardie

Fearghus’ dark green wool cotehardie started December 11, 2019. Finished on December 26, 2019. DETAILS: – fully lined men’s cotehardie using the pattern posted here: Conjectural late 14th/15th century men’s cotehardie pattern with a collar – Recycled Green wool lined in new red linen. – Copper colored buttons down the center front to the waist and on the ends of…

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14th-15th Century, Sewing

Asphalt grey men’s cotehardie

Fearghus’ grey linen cotehardie started October 28, 2019. Finished January 3, 2020. Now that I have a pattern I need to start thinking about how to put it together. I also need to keep in mind that I’m planning to teach this to a bunch of folks who just want a cotehardie and are not terribly interested in “perfectly period”…

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14th-15th Century, Garb/Clothing, Patterns

Conjectural late 14th/15th century men’s cotehardie pattern

This pattern will create a man’s late 14th/15th century cotehardie without a collar with a hemline falling at just above the knee. Click here if you’re looking for the women’s pattern. When drafted the pattern includes 1/2″ seam allowance on all edges. Because of the tight fit this probably needs some type of closure (rather than pulling it on over…

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