14th-15th Century, kirtle

Burgundy wool cotte with cut-on bodice

Burgundy wool long-sleeved cotte with cut-on bodice started 11/6/2019. Paused for a while. Picked back up 1/8/2020. First worn 1/25/2020. Not yet finished (still needs lining in the body). Details: – This cotte will be constructed of burgundy summer weight wool interlined in the bodice with one layer of white heavier weight linen (4C22) and then with the full garment…

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14th-15th Century, Garb/Clothing

Coenwulf’s Cotehardie

Coenwulf’s cotehardie started December 26, 2019. Finished on December 31, 2019. Details: – fully lined men’s cotehardie using the pattern posted here: Conjectural late 14th/15th century men’s cotehardie pattern with a collar – New Black linen lined in new orange linen. Orange is stamped. – Buttons down the center front to the waist. – Buttons on the ends of the…

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14th-15th Century

Copper and Verdigris Cotehardie

Fearghus’ dark green wool cotehardie started December 11, 2019. Finished on December 26, 2019. DETAILS: – fully lined men’s cotehardie using the pattern posted here: Conjectural late 14th/15th century men’s cotehardie pattern with a collar – Recycled Green wool lined in new red linen. – Copper colored buttons down the center front to the waist and on the ends of…

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14th-15th Century, Sewing

Asphalt grey men’s cotehardie

Fearghus’ grey linen cotehardie started October 28, 2019. Finished January 3, 2020. Now that I have a pattern I need to start thinking about how to put it together. I also need to keep in mind that I’m planning to teach this to a bunch of folks who just want a cotehardie and are not terribly interested in “perfectly period”…

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14th-15th Century, Garb/Clothing, Patterns

Conjectural late 14th/15th century men’s cotehardie pattern

This pattern will create a man’s late 14th/15th century cotehardie without a collar with a hemline falling at just above the knee. Click here if you’re looking for the women’s pattern. When drafted the pattern includes 1/2″ seam allowance on all edges. Because of the tight fit this probably needs some type of closure (rather than pulling it on over…

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Waisted Kirtle

Autumn Gold Kirtle

Autumn Gold sleeveless waisted kirtle started 7/24/2019. Worked on sporadically, and then finally finished on September 25, 2019. Details: – kirtle will be side laced. – edges will NOT use bias binding – this one will use one layer of interlining in the whole bodice and a second layer of interlining at the center front. I’ll be pad stitching them…

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16th Century, Waisted Kirtle

What the tuck?!?

Last night I finished stitching the tuck** onto the bottom of my Autumn Gold kirtle. Just as I finished stitching the tuck I looked at it and had the following mini-conversation and epiphany. Me: This tuck would be really convenient for pregnancy.Also me: Or for young girls who have not gotten full height… or hand-me-down clothes.Me: Yeah. But that stitch…

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Front view of Cobalt Kirtle no. 2.
Garb/Clothing, Waisted Kirtle

Cobalt Kirtle no. 2

Blue sleeveless waisted kirtle started June 21, 2019. Finished on July 2, 2019. I’m getting back into the swing of things. I need a new dress. The plan is to make a cobalt blue linen kirtle and wear that under a bright coral wool Antwerpen gown. This is the second kirtle I’ve made using the Cobalt blue linen from Fabric-store.com.…

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