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Red Brimmed Thrum Cap

(I actually finished this in May 2019 but realized that I’d never hit publish on the blog post).

After my first thrummed cap I decided I wanted something a bit different. The first cap did not have a brim. It was also thrummed during the knitting (fiddly) and I felt that at 6″ the thrums were too long. Lastly after I finished the first cap I fulled it with the thrums in place and the thrums went all spikey (ick). So I made a second cap.

What I did:

Knitted cast on of 108 stitches on sz 8 US circular needles.

I followed the pattern published by Marion McNealy – The Curious Frau for the Gagnia cap for the brim and then knit until it reaches 6 inches from the brim cast on. Then decrease to form the crown.

I then washed this on cold twice in my washing machine (which was almost too fulled but it worked out). Then I went back and manually added the thrums (3″ lengths with half-hitch to hold them in place) at ~1″ offset widths using a tapestry needle.

Lastly I wet the brim and pounded with a rubber mallet because it seemed too thick to me.

I love it.

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