When you say to someone “draw a tree,” what they draw is, no matter how complex, visual shorthand for a tree. The picture does not capture the “being” of a tree. The beauty of the limbs. The complexity of a leaf. The texture of the bark. The sweet clean “tree” smell.

In much the same way, when we say “I’ve made a medieval tunic,” what you come up with is visual shorthand for a tunic and is not nearly as complex or beautiful as tunics actually made in period.

I’m contemplating… How can we cut down on the visual shorthand and increase the “being”of our medieval impression?

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  1. I’m not sure I understand the question. But what comes to my mind is learning from extant examples of what might be labeled Tunics. For example the Bockstan Man outfit, o the Greenland finds (which are easy to find). Hm , makes me think that there should be a class Tunics, More Than You Think, or something like that, which would compare the patterning/composition of surviving “tunics” and what SCA beginners get shown as a “T Tunic “ pattern. Hm, I was trying to think of a class to teach…

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