Unterhaube -> Brigitta Coif?

Idle wonderings. Might the under part of the wulsthaube be based on something like the cap commonly known as the “St. Brigitta’s cap”?

It would make a very convenient structure that:
– would contain long hair.
– wouldn’t pull your hair when you put it on (like my current version does)
– wouldn’t have ties at the neckline (which my current version DOES and I don’t see any evidence of in pictures)
– if the loop slipped over the wulste that was attached to the cap would make it very easy to keep the loop from slipping up off the top of your head.
– That +Wulste would probably drape just like what I currently have.

That said, I think it would need to be more forward and cover the hairline.

From Edyth Miller “St. Brigitta’s Coif – in 15 minutes!
From Middelaldercentret “Konehue”
From Medieval Silkworks “Women’s caps” and “The cap of St. Brigitta: reconstructions
From Arachne’s Blog “The Cap of St. Brigitta
From Aure_’s Live Journal “The cap of St. Brigitta


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