Tailoring Manuals

Ausberg/Innsbruck (Austria) 1544/68 Hans Nidermayr, the younger of Innsbruck, 1544/68, Innsbruck, Tiroler Landesmuseum Ferdinandeum F.B. 4240. (Poland) Polish Tailor’s Cutting Guide from Germany, Breslau 1567, AC 1992.243.1. (link) (Italy) 1570 The Milanese Tailor’s Handbook, written in the 1570s, (Amazon)(link) Seville (Spain) 1588 manuscript of Diego de Freyle, Geometria y Traca Para el Oficio de los Sastres, Seville, 1588. (Link to…

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Clever Hacks, Stitches & Seams

Voodoo Magic with Eyelets

My first YouTube video. Be gentle. Machine done eyelets on a Janome 6600 using an Elna eyelet plate. The Janome will do eyelets.. but it sews a circle. It’s not actually holding threads open or reinforcing the hole. In order to use the Janome eyelet you have to piece the fabric and you end up with raw thread sticking out.…

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Stitches & Seams, Tayloring

Taylor’s Thimble

“Goals. Someday I want my garb to hang like a well made suit.” – Posted by me on Facebook Feb. 5, 2017. Thank you eBay. Stupid things that make me absurdly happy. 1600-1700 brass open top thimble From Seventeenth-Century Women’s Dress Patterns(p. 9): The tailor Contemporary sources demonstrate that tailors needed relatively little equipment to set up a workroom. In…

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