Tailoring Manuals

Ausberg/Innsbruck (Austria) 1544/68 Hans Nidermayr, the younger of Innsbruck, 1544/68, Innsbruck, Tiroler Landesmuseum Ferdinandeum F.B. 4240.

(Poland) Polish Tailor’s Cutting Guide from Germany, Breslau 1567, AC 1992.243.1. (link)

(Italy) 1570 The Milanese Tailor’s Handbook, written in the 1570s, (Amazon)(link)

Seville (Spain) 1588 manuscript of Diego de Freyle, Geometria y Traca Para el Oficio de los Sastres, Seville, 1588. (Link to some patterns Link)

Madrid (Spain) 1580/89 Juan de Alcega’s Libro de Geometria, Practica y Traca, 1589, Madrid (PDF)

Enns (Austria) 1590 Musterbuch des Handwerks der Schneider von Enns, 1590, Lipp OZ 114, Kunstbibliothek, Staatliche Museen zun Berlin

Bad Leonfeld (Austria) 1590 Leonfeldner Schnittbuch, 16 Jh. Oberosterreichisches Landesarchiv, Linz Austria Zunftarchivalien Sch. 96 (link)

Valencia (Spain) 1618 La Rocha Burguen’s Geometrica y Traca Perteneciente al Oficio de Sastres, Valencia, 1618. (link)

Madrid (Spain) 1640 Anduxar, Geometria y Trazas Pertenecientes al Oficio de Sastres, Madrid, 1640. (link)

Kisszeben (Hungary) 1641 (link)

Barich, Katherine, and Marion McNealy. Drei schnittbucher: three Austrian master tailor books of the 16th century, 2015. Print.
— Includes details from Enns, Leonfeldner and Nidermayr.

Gnagy, Mathew. The Modern Maker Vol. 1: Men’s Doublets. Charleston SC: Printed by creativespace.com, 2014. Print.
Gnagy, Mathew. The Modern Maker Vol. 2: Pattern Manual 1580-1640: Men’s and women’s drafts from the late 16th through mid 17th centuries. . Charleston SC: Printed by creativespace.com, 2018. Print.
— Includes details from Alcega, Freyle, Burguen, and Anduxar.

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