Stitches & Seams

Basting Stitch

A long loose stitch used to hold two pieces of fabric together. This is normally either hidden in seam allowance or intended to be removed once the garment is completed.

This is one of the pieces of the skirting to my son’s new doublet. To give the skirting a bit of body I’ve added some linen canvas interlining. First I used my pattern piece to cut out the fashion fabric. Then I used my fashion fabric to cut out my interlining. This made the interlining subtlety bigger than my fashion fabric. I then pinned the fashion fabric to the interlining being careful to stretch the fashion fabric to fit the interlining. This imparts some tension into the piece allowing it to maintain some rigidity. Once the pieces were pinned together I basted around the outside edge to get the fashion fabric and interlining to act as one piece of fabric. The basting stitch here is within what will become the seam allowance (1/2″) so it will be hidden when the garment is completed.

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