Fearghus MacAirt Vigil and Meadhall


Be it known to all who should read this missive that Fearghus MacAirt, my right and worthy Lord, having been invited to become a knight of the realm by the late King Obidiah will sit Vigil on this Friday night, June 21 the first day of Summer. With all humility he begs a boon of all that they should come and visit with him during this Vigil with private words of wisdom and well wishes for him to contemplate before his knighting on Saturday during the morning court of King Thorfinn and Queen Etaine.

He does further wish it to be known that after his knighting, on Saturday evening, he will host a mead hall and will further ask all to come partake in food and drink and to offer public words of wisdom and well wishes in the form of a toast so that all may learn from the words offered and celebrate the fellowship found in a rousing mead hall.

Yours in service,
Sylvie la chardonniere

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