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In-ter-esting. Brenda Gerritsma on the Viking Clothing group wrote: “Laxdæla saga, Ch 35: Gudrun asks Thord if it’s true his wife Aud always wears breeches with gores in the crotch like a man’s, and leg bindings almost down to her shoes. Later, he asks her what the penalty for doing so is, and she says it is the same as when a man wears a shirt with a neck opening so wide that his nipples are exposed, like a woman’s, ie. divorce.”

Interesting 1. no pants with gores (gusset? or more like thorsberg with a gusset that goes front to back?) for women. Does that mean crotchless pants are ok?
Interesting 2. no wide-neck shirts for boys. Does that mean it’s ok for boys to show collarbones or do the necks need to be fastened tighter?
Interesting 3. women’s nipples exposed. Does this mean that all my tunics/apron dresses have necks which are too high? Should I be flashing more often? Interesting implication for breastfeeding at least.

Wonder when this was written.. where it’s relevant (Norway?Sweden?Finland?) and I wonder why Gudrun had to ask Thord these questions.. why didn’t Gudrun already know this? Was she visiting from out-of-state? Dumb? A Goddess?

As I said.. In-Ter-Esting!

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