Twelfth Night 2020 post mortem

Twelfth Night was great. Lots of fun. I was able to attend all of the courts. I helped to deliver Helga’s “furry Muppet nut sack” (HAR HAR), I was able to stand with my people as they became Artisans for Uther and Vera (picture posted by Theia which is friend-locked). I was able to step up as Laurel Councilor for Uther and Vera’s Artisans. I also managed to finally finish knitting the Early Modern Flat Cap (pattern by Modern Maker) which I had started knitting in July 2019 (the pattern is actually very easy I’ve just been dawdling). I squeed in delight every time I saw someone at the hotel wearing a cotehardie/cotte that was made from the patterns I developed/taught in November/December last year (more listed in this FB post).

Chosen family are the best.

We had arranged for Morgan to watch Erik for the weekend. I love my son but 12th night is not really a kid-friendly event and it is just easier to do without having to also worry about entertaining him. Even though it was a good 12th night there are still things that can be improved.

Next year’s Twelfth Night is listed as being in Sacramento. That makes some things easier but complicates others. I am opposed to spending $$$ to sleep in a hotel room when my house is ~20 minutes away so we won’t be hoteling it. I won’t have to take Friday off of work to drive to the site. I also have no burning need to be on site on Sunday. I may see if my husband is open to the idea of a 12th night sleep over with treasured chosen family after the “wander around the hotel” part of the evening is complete.

I hate hate hate sewing for 12th night. Or rather I hate running up against the deadline and not having everything finished. I sewed throughout the Holiday break stealing time from what should have been family time (Fearghus’ green wool cotehardie, Coenwulf’s cotehardie, grey linen cotehardie) . I left the Friday night Steampunk party early to go up to my room and finish sewing buttons on my sleeves. Meh. Next year I’m starting projects no later than September and if they’re not done by December 1 we’re not wearing it. This year we ended up borrowing chausses and braies from Romolo for Fearghus to wear which is the only reason I sort of hit my deadline. Even with that.. I ended up NOT making a dress for myself and only making sleeves for an existing dress. I still want to make/wear a “real” cotte so that’s next on my project list.

I hate having to acquire food. The hotel restaurant is slow and expensive and taking 2 hours out of my day to wait for breakfast/lunch/dinner is annoying. Fearghus is opposed to having a group potluck so next year we’re living out of a cooler.

For just about half a day my project list was almost empty. Then it wasn’t :/ Ah well.

Next projects:
– 15th c. braies for Fearghus
– chausse for Fearghus
– cotte for me (deadline Cynaguan Investiture or Vernal Crown)
– Jean quilt
– tunic for Roric (???) (waiting for confirmation that I’m doing this and color)
– cotte pattern/cotte for Mercy (waiting for visit from Mercy)
– cotehardie pattern/cotehardie for Fred (waiting for confirmation that I’m doing this, colors/fabric)

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