Beltane 2011 Post Mortem

I day-tripped Beltane. That trip turned out to be much shorter than I remembered it.. it only took about two hours to drive up there.. it took longer than it should have because I noticed my “low fuel” light had flashed on when I was half way up the mountain. I could probably have made it onto and off of site with the fuel I currently had.. but I didn’t want to chance it, so I turned around and went back down the mountain to refuel.

West Kingdom Beltane is on a lovely sheep ranch up in the hills of Cloverdale. Since it’s a working sheep ranch they don’t allow any pets on site. For the last few years F and I haven’t gone and we’ve said it’s because we couldn’t take our dogs.. but honestly, now that I think of it, we don’t take our dogs to a lot of other events.. so it’s silly to blame that for our reason for not going. No, more like a subtle case of burn out.. coupled with “no dog in that fight” wrt the folks stepping up. Honestly for the last few years we haven’t been very invested in the royal pair.. and it’s just been easier to bitch and whine about the pet-free site than to just admit that we were taking a weekend off.

That said, it’s a very lovely site.. and I’m actually really glad I went. Fearghus continues to have classes on Saturday (he should be finished with that by the middle of May) so he hadn’t planned to go.. but Mark (the stepping up King) asked him specifically to try and make it so Fearghus took off early from his class and was on site in the late afternoon. Given how much fun we had (and the promise of a recurrance of the Saluminati meeting) we will probably be attending and camping this next year.

All in all it was a very nice, relaxing day. I glanced over a bunch of pictures on Facebook from the event.. and in a few from court I’m in the background.. diligently sewing 🙂 I suppose I just have to either be ok with that.. or stop sewing at events.

I did finish my new green tunic. I -love- the color. I also got 80% done with my new black hood. I was able to mostly finish sewing on that during the courts. After courts I attended Vittoria and ended up at the tail end of the Saluminati meeting. They plied me with meat goodies. So very yummy. I’m again firmly committed to being a joiner and trying my hand at charcuterie. Plans are in the works. After that I ended up hanging out in Chateaus du Rose. I had a lovely time chatting with them.

Sadly I forgot my coat at home so I got VERY cold in the evening. This led to me blasting the heater in the car on the way home.. which made me VERY sleepy. I was terribly cranky and tired when I got home and went almost directly to bed.

On Sunday I made good progress on my sleeves of DOOOOM. I’m almost done with everything I can do before my bodice fitting. I’m very excited about this dress.

Project List:
Blue Dress for brother’s wedding (Due by 5/21) (in progress. Skirt is done, sleeves are 1/3-1/2 done, bodice isn’t started)
Finalize hat class for Cynaguan Coronet/A&S (Due by 5/30)
Outfits for Pennsic (Due by August)
Fearghus Påsbyxor (pattern is 2/3 done)
St. Brigitta Coif
Make sausage

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