Mists Spring Coronet 2011 Post Mortem

I day-tripped to Mists Coronet. Fearghus has Saturday classes for the next month or so and it’s just easier to day-trip than to all-out camp. I’d be tempted to skip the events.. except that I’m on multiple overlapping courts and I do want to be as helpful as I possibly can be.

The day was won by Miles Fitz-Rauf fighting for the honor of Francesca von Hesse.

(pictures from the Facebook albums of Joel Schonbrunn and Jocelyn Rowenwood)

I’m amused to report that my butt was photographed multiple times but I can only find one picture of me from any other direction. Man.. I’ve got a big butt.

– I wore my red wool dress. I think I’m going to go ahead and add a stripe of black at the hem edge. It just seems so short. As a bonus.. someday when I learn to embroider I think the cuffs and hem would be perfect for embroidery. Early in the day I found the wool dress to be oppressively hot.. but as the day progressed it cooled down and I was glad I had worn wool. In fact towards the end of the day I ended up putting on my new rust-red wool hood.
– On Friday night I made a new rust-red hood. I like the hood but I want to tinker with my pattern. I’d like to have at least one more hood in black.
– I also think I’m going to add a St. Brigitta coif to my project list.. it seems like a good alternative to the coif/veil I’ve been wearing.
– I wore my new boots.. which I determined were just too big. In fact I ended up selling the boots at the event so I’ll be ordering new, smaller boots to replace them.

I spent half the day hand sewing on the purple under-tunic for Her Highness of the Mists (finished both side seams).. and the other half of the day attending His and Her Royal Highness of the West.

At Her Highness’s Nuncheon I had the good fortune to taste MadBaker‘s Sausage (.. man.. that sounds naughty). Anyway, it was -so- yummy. His recipe is posted here. I will totally be trying my hand at sausage with this recipe. I’m now in the process of acquiring the materials and a sausage stuffer. NOM NOM NOM.

I’m happy to report that aside from the start of blisters from sloshing around in my too-big boots I had no problems with being on my feet or tromping around chasing the Royal pair. Go Go exercise and stretching in defeating Plantars Faciitis and sloth.

Since my red wool tunic is a bit too hot.. and my baby blue linen tunic is a bit to ragged, I’ve determined to make a new linen tunic for myself. Digging through my stash I found a nice hank of green linen. I’ve washed it and hope to be able to churn out a nice tunic for myself by Beltane (3 weeks away). I’ve got plenty of time assuming I put the work into it.

The cloth for my new blue german dress is currently in the dryer. It washed up beautifully but shed a BUNCH of fluff. I hope to be able to get started on the sleeves this week.

Project List:
Finish Her Highness of the Mists purple undertunic (Due by Beltane 4/30)(should be done this week)
Green tunic for me (Due by Beltane 4/30)(fabric is in the wash)
Blue Dress for brother’s wedding (Due by 5/21) (fabric is in the dryer)
Tunics for Pennsic (Due by August)(fabric is in the mail)
Pants for Pennsic (Due by August)
Fearghus Påsbyxor (pattern is 2/3 done)
St. Brigitta Coif
Black hood of new pattern
Make sausage

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