Kampfrau (Trossfrau)

Tellerbarret and Goldhaube


What I see:
Blue hat, the outer edge is round. I can’t really see what’s going on the with crown but I plan to do a square crown that folds inwards.
Two curled white feathers. Feathers have gold bits at the end possibly beads(?).

I want the square points to extend almost all the way to the outside of the circle. Will add more to this as it progresses.


What I see:
Red/gold with decorated band.
Some hair showing at temples (means the haube is set further back on the head than I expected).
Body seems to be a basket weave.. possibly of a ribbon which compliments the band.
Shape is rounded but wider at the sides than at the top. Probably half circle which is gathered at the nape of the neck into the band.

April 6, 2011: After browsing my JoAnne’s I purchased black cotton velveteen and gold ribbons to cover the body of the haube. Given the selection, these seemed like the best options. Even though the Empress velvet was more luxurious, I finally settled on the cotton velveteen because 1) the body of the haube will be completely covered by the ribbons. so it hardly matters what I use for the under fabric and 2) cotton will breath better than polyestre.. and I have to wear this on my head. We’ll see if I have time to assemble the haube. I would have preferred to get a rust or deep red velvet.. but these colors weren’t available and I don’t plan to experiment with dying velvet.

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GottfriedKilianu’s Pattern from Flickr.

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