Picture taken by Edith

The hemd came out beautifully.

Running it through the wash did rumple it a little but it was easily revived with a quick ironing. I did find that the collar may be a bit too tall for my neck. When I tie it closed it bends and folds oddly. I think if I’d made it 2″ tall instead of ~3.5″ tall it’d work beautifully. As it is, I just wore it untied. It works.

Regardless, I really do like the new cutting pattern. The collar easily stands up and isn’t pulled flat by the weight of the sleeves.

I intentionally cut the sleeves long. I think I’ll go ahead and pleat the sleeves on this at the wrist, elbow and half way down the upper-arm. I think that I can easily use this hemd with my next dress, a Linen Kampfrau.


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