Wulsthaube Mark 1

Last night I finally tried on my first (acceptable for public view) wulsthaube. I’ve been futzing with fabric and directions for a while and finally I got something I could put on my head and photograph on my head dummy.

Wulst: I made a long skinny linen tube (a little bit bigger than I could fit between my finger and thumb making an OK sign). It’s long enough to go from about the middle of one ear to the middle of the other ear. I stuffed this with some wool roving I’ve had around FOREVER for spinning. Dimensions to follow (I promise).

Unterhaube: I then pinned this to a modified coif. It’s modified in that it ties at the back of my neck instead of under my chin.

Steuchlein: I then followed Emmie’s suggestion and draped this with a lovely pashmina (28 inches wide x 68 inches Long with 3 inches fringes) I acquired for $8 ($0.99 item, $7 shipping) from Ebay.

I’m -relatively- pleased with it. I need to find/buy some more sturdy pins as my current sewing pins are SHIT and bend if you look at them cross-eyed. I’m thinking some nice sturdy brass pins would be loverly.. I may see if the boy can make those in bulk.. then I won’t panic about losing them.

I’m still a little mystified what I’m supposed to do with MY hair. It seems wrong to put it in a bun.. and if I braid it I don’t have anywhere to put it.. so I’m just.. puzzled atm… I’m sure I’ll figure it out.


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