Siege Cooking Competition at A&S Trouney July 2006

Here was the layout and rules for the Siege Cooking Competition at the A&S Tourney on July 21-23.

Feudalism is built upon a relationship of obligation and mutual service between vassals and lords. A vassal holds his land, or fief, as a grant from a lord. As part of his service, a vassal is obliged to feed and house the lord and his company when they travelled across his land. This obligation could be an onerous one. William the Conqueror travelled with a very large household, and if they extended their stay it could nearly bankrupt the lord hosting them.
You and your team cook for a country vassal. The king and his entourage have decended upon you. Luckily they say they will leaving tomorrow.. but your lord is determined to do his best to impress the king (even though he actually has meager goods). Prepare a meal to impress a king.
At a minimum you will be given:
5 lbs. of meat
1 lb. of fruit
2 lb. of vegetables
1/2 lb. of rice or legumes of some type,
1 lb. flour
3 eggs
1 mystery bonus item
You may provide:
3 fresh herbs/spices (unlimited)
3 dried herbs &/or spices (limited to 1/2 ounce each)
One fresh fruit OR above-ground vegetable – limit 1
One root vegetable – limit 2 lbs.
You may substitute one dozen eggs for either the fruit/vegi or root vegi that the team is allowed.
You may substitute 1/2 bottle vinegar or wine for 2 herbs/spices.
No more than 6 people on a team, 6 teams max.
$20 entry fee per team.
The current plan is to give ingredients to groups at a staggered start time (so we can have a staggered end time). For example, the first group will receive their ingredients at 12:40 and the judges will arrive at 5:40. The next group would go from 1:00-6:00.
The points will be awarded on presentation, taste and plausibility. Your team will receive more points if your dishes come from a single geographic and temporal location. Period-ish ingredients/preparation methods will garner greater points.
Internal use only below this line

Possible mystery items:
loaf of bread
dried fruits (thinking prunes)
dried mushrooms
Staggered ending times. 20 mins between each judging. 3-5 judges total.
12:40 – 5:40
1:00 – 6:00
1:20 – 6:20
1:40 – 6:40
2:00 – 7:00
2:20 – 7:20
Need judges
Need to make up judging sheet

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