Dress of the Court of Saxony

On Sunday Ysabella had Mari come and teach a class on German’s. Nice class. Lots of pictures. Mostly confimations of things I’d come to understand. The class gave me time to finish with attaching the gold trim. It’s all nice and flat.

On Monday night I ironed and then attached a 100% cotton gingam strip to the top of my skirt. This will be used as a guide for getting the stitches for the cartridge pleats set.
Last night, on the way to Ysabella’s, I stopped at JoAnne’s and got some dark brown button twist thread. I cut a piece about 120″ long and then doubled it up and used it to make the cartridge pleats. The pleats are 2.5″ deep which may end up being too deep.. won’t know until it’s attached. Oh well. If necessary I’ll remove the skirt and reattach it again.
I will end up with about 1″ per pleat (though only 5/8″ of that will actually be attached to the bodice… the pleat bulk takes up about 3/8″ between each pleat). I think I’ll start attaching this tonight. Hmmm, maybe not. I should probably work on the sleeves before I attach the skirt. *sigh*. Yes, it’s easier to attach sleeves to a free bodice. OK.


The sleeves are in two parts.
The top of the sleeve is too long. I think the gold trim needs to be removed and shortened drastically.
The bottom part of the sleeve is too plain. Because of time constraints I made it without any frills. That said, it’s the right length. I’ll need to completely disassemble this and add new wool (with frills) to it. I also didn’t like the way the flair over the wrists worked out. I’ll need to redo that.


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