Pattern pieces (not entirely to scale). Because he wants a green triangle to show when he unbuttons one side, I’ve marked one side in green.

I had a slightly-better-than-average night last night. His Waffenrock is sewn together except for the skirt and the sleeves. I need to add 3 more buttons and 6 more button holes. It’s going -very- quickly.
How it works: The pattern shown is wrapped around him with the straps in the back. Each strap has 3 buttons on the end of it. The green piece is wrapped around and then the strap on the left buttons through the outer corner of the green side and then the armpit corner of the other (black) side. The right hand strap buttons through the armpit corner of the green and then the outer corner of the other side. The bottom half will be held in place by the skirt (and possibly a pant hook and eye).

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