Dress of the Court of Saxony

Too hot to work in sewing room. That room’s on the north-west side of the house and gets all the afternoon sun. I ironed the linen for the insert but couldn’t work up the energy to cut it out and piece it together. Instead I decided to start on an accessory.
I have this hair bag that I made for my Italian dress. I don’t know why I made it for the italian dress.. it seemed like a good idea at the time but in retrospect, when I actually look at the pictures of the italian dress, I can’t find anyone wearing anything like it. Lucky me, this hair bag is the perfect accessory for the german dress. So I’m repurposing it. It’s now a “German Hair Bag”.
To make this I gathered a circle of white silk into a band. I don’t remember the dimensions of the circle (the hair bag was originally made almost two years ago).
Looking at my inspirational pictures above all of the hair bags/nets seems to be slightly brownish. My white silk hair bag was way to bright. I decided to tea dye it.



I boiled a kettle of water. Dumped it into a glass bowl and added 6 chamomile tea bags. The resulting tea looked too light so I added two big sun-tea bags as well. I let this cool for 20 minutes.
I removed the tea bags, wet the hair bag and then dunked it in the tea and swirled it around for a couple minutes. Then I pulled it out and rinsed it. The golden brown looks dark enough to me. So ta-da. Instant golden brown hair-bag. Now, if I’m lucky, I’ll have time to add the netting and pearls.


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