Dress of the Court of Saxony

So very close. Monday I stopped at Lacis and picked up Lacing Stays. They are -so- the bomb. Fearghus trimmed them to the correct length and helped me to set the grommets in them. Tuesday afternoon I attached them to the shell.
Tuesday night I tried it on. Gah.. again I can’t measure to save my life (or rather I measure and then I’m too conservative in my additions)(once burned by adding too much, now I add to little). The shell, all cinched down is very tight. Too tight. I could wear it that way for about 20 minutes before I cried uncle. I messed with the lace and unlaced it to the point where I was supported but it still felt comfortable enough to wear for a day. At this point I need to add 1 3/8 inches to the top and probably 1 1/2 inches to the bottom. I’ll do this by making one more stab at the white insert. Hopefully this will be the last stab.
Luckily Edith was able to help me connect the sleeve front and back. I’ll be all set to move forward on that once I re-do the insert (again).


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