Erik’s Waffenrock

Planning began December 9, 2014. Outfit first worn January 3, 2015. Summary While working on the outfits for Coenwulf, Katla and Kolskegg I was repeatedly struck by how very cute it would be if I dressed my son, Erik (13 months), in a waffenrock. Especially […]

Coenwulf’s Waffenrock

Planning began December 2012. Oufit finished November 22, 2014. Summary A while ago Coenwulf traded me a Kitchen Aid mixer for a waffenrock. For many different valid and invalid reasons this has taken a lot longer than expected. Many thanks to Coenwulf for his patience. […]

Kolskegg’s Outfit

Work began August 2014. Outfits first worn November 22, 2014. Summary Kolskegg and Katla, the current Prince and Princess of the Mists, asked me to do their stepping down outfits. My work for his outfit consists of a high collared hemd (white linen), knee length […]

1517: Landsknecht Reitrock

Diary started Nov 13, 2011. Outfit first worn Jan 7, 2012. Summary Fearghus is on the guard for TRH Uther and Kara. They are stepping up in “late period” and have asked their court and guard to match their colors (black and grey). Fearghus mentioned […]

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Post-mortem Everthing was wearable. He looked -fabulous-. Here are the pictures to prove it: Picture by Bianca

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3 Days until Purg I finished the guards, attached the skirt, adjusted the fit, and added a button (instead of hook/eye) to the bottom corner of the doublet. I also tweaked the pattern for the pants. Minimum left to do: Hem shirt, open sleeves of […]

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5 days until PurgTwo more button holes left (I hate button holes). Friday I made a sleeve (lined) and attached it. Then ripped it off and reattached it correctly *sigh*. Saturday I attached the other sleeve. If I’d known what I was doing when I […]

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Ugh. I hate button holes. I think it’s more the fact that they look messy and take a terribly long time. In the post above I said “I need to add 3 more buttons and 6 more button holes”. It’s official, I can’t count. There’s […]

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Pattern pieces (not entirely to scale). Because he wants a green triangle to show when he unbuttons one side, I’ve marked one side in green. I had a slightly-better-than-average night last night. His Waffenrock is sewn together except for the skirt and the sleeves. I […]

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After an initial “God, I don’t know how to do this” it turns out the Waffenrock is relatively easy to pattern. I have a basic pattern worked out for the doublet portion and expect to have that sewn together this week. Hell, if I have […]