Red Yellow Missed-Hole Tablet Weaving Spiral

Red Yellow Missed-Hole Tablet Weaving Spiral

I found the design for this here:

I’ve seen some very lovely examples of missed-hole technique with cards and I wanted to give it a try.

Turning Sequence:(read from the bottom up)
8 picks all backwards
4 picks 1-10 forwards 11-20 back
8 picks all forwards
4 picks 1-10 back, 11-20 forwards

GTT file

The final band is about 5/8 inch (1.58 cm) wide.

This was woven in #10 cotton crochet thread. It took probably 3 evenings to weave it up. Most of that was spend un-doing mistakes.. but once I caught the rhythm of the pattern it was very easy to weave.

I used a white weft for this. The weft is the same size as the warp threads. A lot of sources suggest using a bigger diameter or softer thread for the weft to emphasize the hole left in the threading sequence. The weft peeks out on the edges. On the next piece I do I plan to add border cards the same color as the weft to hide it.

The “white” thread in the threading diagram is actually left empty.
This pattern uses a balanced turning sequence and is therefore twist neutral.

I plan to use this as trim on a black tunic for Fearghus.

6 thoughts on “Red Yellow Missed-Hole Tablet Weaving Spiral”

  • Hi 🙂
    Thanks so much for sharing this pattern! I think it may be my next project.
    I’d like to weave it in white and red, to trim a blue Viking dress…

  • Thanks for posting! I found the same pattern a few days ago and couldn’t figure out the turn sequences from the original description–even when I dropped it into GTT. I would have NEVER figured it out without your clarification!

    • Mistress Sylvie la chardonnière,

      How do you set up missed hole technique patterns in GTT tablet weaving software? Is there some trick to it. If I use white, will it show the pattern correctly?

      – Runviðr (of Bergental, East Kingdom)

      • Offhand I’m unsure. I would think that setting it to white would be a good first step. As far as I know missed hole would cause the color underneath to show instead.. and I’m unclear on how that would influence the pattern.

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