“Directions for making many sorts of Laces”

A long time ago I started working my way through the fingerloop braiding recipes in “Directions for making many sorts of laces” by E.G. Stanley in Chaucer and Middle English Studies in Honour of Rossell Hope Robbins. My primary goal is to work through these recipes and create a sampler so that I can easily sort through the recipes in the future if I want to make more of the same time of braid. Intially I did this by re-writing long hand the recipe in more modern english and tacking the braids to pages in a little booklet. Unfortunately my handwriting is atrocious. I think the goal is still valid.. but I may end up moving these to something with better handwriting.

Regardless, I was describing my sampler book to a friend and she asked if I wouldn’t mind putting pictures of it up on my site. So, here they are. Please disregard my handwriting.

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