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“The Woodcutter” ca 1530-1562

“The Woodcutter”

British Museum, 1874,0711.1888
“Series: Twelve soldiers of different ranks”, Print made by: Virgil Solis
ca. 1530-1562

Museum link:

A soldier with an axe; over his right shoulder; whole-length figure seen from behind, the head in profile to right; at left a tent; from a series of twelve engravings of lansquenets.

What I see:
Woodcutter’s ax
Woodcutter’s hat (see Truly Carmichael’s howto and Amazon link for blank) with (probably) ostrich feathers
lederwams (leather jerkin) with a collar and cut-on shoulder epaulets
floral damask wams (doublet) with full long sleeves which narrow at the wrist
slashed hosen probably with under-hosen
tall gartered socks
low shoes

Google says the phrase at the bottom translates to “I’m happy with the gun too much”

I’m not sure that I believe Google.

Also in the background I see a round tent with ropes and a bridge and castle/tower.

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