SCAMythMonday: Being “taken seriously” as a fighter

Myth: If you are a fighter and you want to be “taken seriously” as a fighter you cannot pursue non-fighting things outside of fighting.
Things which are okay: making armor, making shields, painting shields, chess
Things which are not okay: sewing, embroidery, cooking, weaving,

Fact: This one is hard. I want this to be an utterly bullshit myth. But I look at the way things play out and as much as it should be an utterly-bullshit myth I still see people conforming to it.

My opinion: I absolutely hate the fact that women must forsake all womanly traits in order to be “taken seriously” as a fighter. Hell, I hate it that men must forsake all “womanly” traits in order to be “taken seriously” as a fighter.
I want everyone to be free to wear what they want, learn what they want and pursue the things that make them happy without fearing that it will “set them back” in pursuing their peerage path.

So my advice: Do the things that make you happy. Do all of them. Do them so well that they can’t do anything but acknowledge you. Then, even if they never do acknowledge you, you have made you happiest.

Feature image from Ms 107, Bréviaire de Renaud de Bar (1302-1304), fol. 137v
This was originally posted on my Facebook page on January 11, 2020.

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