Old Firepit
Purchased from DragonWing Pavilions

I want a new firepit… calling it a firepit is misleading… I want a mobile cooking station that could accomodate a 30-50 person feast without need of a feast kitchen (or something that can compliment a feast kitchen).
For some reason cooking at event is one of the things that really excites me about the SCA. The potential of creating an authentic experience of the middle ages with food just does it for me. Somehow the idea of serving spit-roasted venison with furmenty cooked in a cauldron over an open fire really makes me happy.

The general idea is to take this:

(I love this firepan)

and combine it with this:

(uber-spif off-the ground cooking setup)

and this:

(hooks up sides of legs to accomodate spits and space for hanging cauldrons)

Other inspirations. Seen in pictures from Estrella War XXII

Ideally this would also be something that would break
down/pin together so it can be stored flat/travel
well. … hell, while we’re at it, it should do my taxes and wash windows too.

Ok, ok. Specifics:

I’d like a firepan like the first picture it needs to be 42″ by 30″. That is the size of the propane firepit that we store in the trailer. Making the firepan that exact size means that it would store prefectly in the trailer.

The A-frame can be wood or metal.. I’m a bit leery about wood just because it’d be right next to fire.

I can’t really visualize how the firepan would attache to the A-frame. But it should be very sturdy as I plan to have fire in this and to use this for cooking.

2 thoughts on “Firepit

  1. The fire pit at the top of the page is based on one from the Bayeux Tapestry. I used copper on top (black) of steel (rust) as a guess at the illustration in the tapestry. The steel rods stuck in the ground normally supports a replica spit. The firebox in the A-frame was a creative attempt to use familiar A-frame shape to fill the rules of keeping fire up off the ground. Using both in combination worked out really well when feeding large numbers of people, but I usually don’t bring both to wars anymore.

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