Dress of the Court of Saxony

Woot! Lower sleeves went together very quickly. These have straight “hedgehogs”** unlike the upper sleeves where the top “hedgehogs” followed the curve of the armcye.

All said I think it took 2-3 hours to do both sleeves and to re-do the gold part that goes over my hands. I just need to hand-finish the flat-felled seam and tidy up the seam on the yellow and these will be done.
The more I think about this project the more fiddly things I find that need to be done. *sigh*
Left to do:

  • Attach fake chemise sleeve to the bottom of the upper sleeve and the top of the lower sleeve.
  • Add laces between top and bottom of sleeves
  • Attach the last of the lacing rings. I think I have 3 left.
  • Try on dress and see if I need to add additional hook/eye to the top of the brustfleck.
  • Make hats
  • Finish the last raw seams on the inside of the dress. Bind the arm seams, finish the others (may not happen until after Mists Investiture)

Between Mists Investiture and 12th night:

  • Finish appliqueing the guards and eliminate the butt-ugly topstitching
  • Dye socks into red/white vertical stripes
  • More decoration on the brustfleck
  • Finish beading the caul
  • Possibly embroider on the guards (mmmm black embroider on gold guards)
  • Make a super-thin silk dickie that goes all the way up to my neck.

** Mari taught a class and used three terms to refer to fancy things we do to our sleeves. I’m pretty certain her terms are personal rather than documentable 🙂 Hedgehogs are the little bumps on the sleeves.


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