We’re talking a deep Id type “me want” response. Sigh. Lack of money sucks. Me still want though.
Table & benches in a box
– Pic: http://scademo.com/images.demo/Picture50.jpg
– Plans: http://www.smoke-fire.com/camp-furniture-patterns-1.asp
Bronze Cauldron

Seal-a-meal vacuum sealers. Cook food, seal in bag, vacuum out air. Reheat meal by floating bag in boiling water. Mom & Dad gave me one of these for my Birthday.
Mini Scroll Frame http://herrschners.com/products/product.aspx?sku=320501
Bianca (from Alaska) came to stay with us for a couple days and she gave me one of these. I’m uber-psyched! Now I just need to figure out what to embroider.

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