Dress of the Court of Saxony

2 days until Purg Yesterday my company took all of us to a baseball game. I brought my caul and started sewing pearls onto it. It turns out that you can make good progress on sewing down pearls to a caul at a baseball game.. assuming you don’t actually like baseball.. and are perfectly ok with missing most of the action. The caul’s looking great. I’m also working on it during my BART commute. Hopefully I can finish all the pearls by Saturday. Last night I finished a bit of fidgit-y sewing on the back/shoulders of my dress and made some progress on the sleeves.


I’m making sleeves like the middle princess in “The Saxon Princesses” picture. It took about 3 hours to make the top part of one sleeve. I didn’t notice it took that long until I was done with it. I’m worried that I’m going to run out of time. I think they will look really good. Assuming I can get them done. *sigh*.
I so wish I had one more week to work on all of this. At this point I’m deciding which corners it’s ok to cut. Hats are pretty much out. Finish work is out. Anything that doesn’t show is out. As long as we look presentable. The thing is, I don’t want presentable. I want it all. I want the embroidery. I want hats. GRR!
Tonight I’ll finish the top of sleeve #2 (it’s 1/2 done now) and make the bottom half of the sleeves. I think the bottoms will go -much- faster than the tops. Those are straight ruffles, not bent like the ruffles at the armseye. Then attach the sleeves to the dress, add the lacing rings, hem the dress.


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