Dress of the Court of Saxony

I tried, really hard, to get the fashion fabric attached without having the seam allowances of the linen shell on the outside. In the end I couldn’t get it to work along the front edge (it did work along the side-back seams). So I seam-ripped the front edge open, removed the bones there, sewed the fashion fabrics back in there and then re-added the bones. It was worth the ripping to get the smooth and easy seams.
On Friday I also hand-finished applique-ing and top-stitching the yellow trim pieces to each side of the front opening. I think it’s looking lovely. Oh, I also started (and then finished on Sunday) adding the netting to my caul (ok, so “hair-bag” is more descriptive.. but I guess “caul” is more correct. Whatever). If I have time I’ll add pearls to it.
At this point I need Edith’s help (again) to 1) match up the straps so they fit smoothly, 2)do the initial fit on the top of the sleeves and 3) measure for the length of the skirt portion. I think I’m in good shape.


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