Fylettes in galytyne

From The Forme of Cury(1390)(

Take Pork, and rost it tyl the blode be tryed out & þe broth [1].
take crustes of brede and bray hem in a morter, an drawe hem thurgh a
cloth with þe broth, þenne take oynouns an leshe hem on brede an do
to the broth. þanne take pork, and leshe it clene with a dressyng
knyf and cast it into þe pot broth, & lat it boile til it be more
tendre. þanne take þat lyour þerto. þanne take a porcion of peper and
saundres & do þerto. þanne take parsel & ysope & mynce it smale & do
þerto. þanne take rede wyne oþer white grece & raysouns & do þerto. &
lat it boile a lytel.

[1] the broth. Supposed to be prepared beforehand.

Fillets in Gelatine
Take pork, and roast it til the blood has all run out into the broth. Take crusts of bread and bray them in amorter and sieve them through a cloth with the broth. Then take onions and lay them on bread and then add broth. Then take the pork and cut it with a knife and throw it in the pot of broth and let it boil until the pork is more tender. Then lay pork on the bread/onions. Then add a sprinkle of (black) pepper and saunders. Then add add parsley, ysope(?). Mince it small and add to pork/bread. Then take red wine or white grease and raisins and add them also. And let it boil a little.

I took a lot of liberties with this recipe. The dish I served was “porkchops with Onions”.

Pan-Fry porkchops until it reaches 160 degrees F(season with a bit of salt/pepper). Remove porkchops to the oven to keep them warm. Pan-fry (no oil) onions until they are well carmelized. Plate porkchops. Heap onions on top of the pork chops. Serve.

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