Yellow Cote (late 14th - early 15th Century)

We got to 12th night and I finished the last eyelet in the hotel room (it wouldn’t be 12th night if I wasn’t madly sewing in the room.)
It’s done!! It’s done!!

Sylvie at 12th Night in new yellow cote.

Post Mortem

It turns out that I didn’t completely remove some of the markings on the inside of the garment. Just over my left breast it says “LF” in really large faintly purple letters. To hide this I wore a veil and wimple all day (as an aside, the wimple really did keep me nice and warm). I do think this will come out with the first washing.. but I was hesitant to wash this until after I wore it (what if the wool shrunk horribly and the garment became unwearable).
In the future I think I’ll mark the “LF”, “RF”, “LB”,”RB” at the hem edge of the garment.
The neck is too high in the back. It cuts into the back of my neck. I’ll need to rip out that seam and make it deeper.

[Edited to add: Years have passed (7 to be exact) and I’ve gotten much better at sewing. Be sure to check out my new 15th century waisted kirtle.]

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