To make a tart (Tourte)
Goodman, p. 183.
To make a tart, take four handfulls of beets, two handfulls of parsley, a handful of chervil, a sprig of fennel and two handfuls of spinach, and pick them over and wash them in cold water, then cut them up very small; then bray with two sorts of cheese, to wit a hard and a medium, and then add eggs thereto, yolks and whites, and bray them in with the cheese; then put the herbs into the mortar and bray all together and also put therein some fine powder. Or instead of this have ready brayed in the mortar two heads of ginger and on to this bray your cheese, eggs and herbs and then cast old cheese scraped or grated on to the herbs and take it to the oven and then have your tart made and eat it hot.

Sylvie’s Redaction:

1/2 bunch spinach
1/2 cup fresh parsley
1/4 onion
4-5 eggs
3/8 lb Monterey jack
1/8 lb Parmesian
2 ounces extra Monterey jack
1 tsp powder fine
1 pie shell

Slice onion, parboil quickly, and then dry. Mix eggs. Cut spinch and parsley small. Add all ingredients to eggs. Place in pie shell. Put extra 2 oz of cheese on top of tart. Cook for 50-60 minutes at 350 F.

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