Decorated Rice

Decorated Rice

Decorated Rice
Goodman of Paris
RICE for a meat day. Pick it over and wash in two or three changes of hot water, and put to dry on the fire, then add boiling cow’s milk, and grind up saffron to colour it yellow: soak with your milk, then add in grease from beef stock.

Goodman of Paris
RICE, Another Way. Pick it over and wash in two or three changes of hot water until the water is clear, then do as above until half cooked, then puree it and put on trenchers in dishes to drain and dry in front of the fire: then cook it thick with the fatty liquid from beef and with saffron, if this is a meat day: and if it is a fish day, do not add meat juice, but in its place add almonds well-ground and not sieved; then sweeten and do not use saffron.

Forme of Cury
RYSE [1] OF FLESH. IX. Take Ryse and waishe hem clene. and do hem in erthen pot with gode broth and lat hem seeþ wel. afterward take Almaund mylke [2] and do þer to. and colour it wiþ safroun an salt, an messe forth.
[1] Ryse. Rice. V. Gloss.
[2] Almand mylke. V. Gloss.

IIII. FOR TO MAKE POMMYS MORLES. Nym Rys and bray hem [1] wel and temper hem up wyth almaunde mylk and boyle yt nym applyn and par’ hem and sher hem smal als dicis and cast hem ther’yn after the boylyng and cast sugur wyth al and colowr yt wyth safroun and cast ther’to pouder and serve yt forthe.
[1] Rice, as it consists of grains, is here considered as a plural. See also No. 5. 7, 8.

V. FOR TO MAKE RYS MOYLE [1]. Nym rys and bray hem ryzt wel in a morter and cast ther’to god Almaunde mylk and sugur and salt boyle yt and serve yt forth.
[1] Vide Gloss.

66. Decorated rice for a meat day.
Taillevent, p. 26
Pick over the rice, wash it very well in hot water, dry it near the fire, and cook it in simmering cow’s milk. Crush some saffron (for reddening it), steep it in your milk, and add stock from the pot.

Sylvie’s Redaction:
20-25 lbs rice

Wash rice. Boil rice in water with saffron.

I’ll admit it, I’m scared to death of cooking a large pot of grains at a feast. Vigdis made this dish. She added all of the rice I’d brought to a huge pot and then covered it by a knuckle with water. Then she added the saffron and cooked it until it was done.

This dish was added to this course at the recommendation of Baroness Eilis who said that there’s always someone with a hollow leg who will be pleased as punch to fill up on a large grain serving.

I honestly don’t remember how much of the rice came back to the kitchen.. The server at the high table recommended that next time we -tell- the servers that the bowl of dressing on the serving plate is for the sallet not the rice…. he dumped the honey mustard vinagrette over their highness’ rice. I hope it was tasty for them.

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