Book Nerding

Book Nerding: The Tudor Tailor

Looking through “The Tudor Tailor”
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This is primarily about British clothing. It’s also useful for France and the Netherlands. Italy and Southern German styles are very different.

First, This is a very stressful time. Everyone deals with it differently and no one stress-reliever is right for everyone. Once your life basics are covered (food, shelter, income) you get to decide what you want or need to do. Crafting, teaching, virtual hangouts (and recording that) can be self-help. It can also be that one more thing that adds to your stress.
Do the things that bring you happiness and reach out to your family and community if you need help.

Second, Costuming in the SCA is a sliding scale. It goes from “attempt” all the way up to “looks like you stepped out of a painting”. You get to choose where you set your clothing bar and you are the only one who can say whether you’ve reached your bar or not. With that in mind.. my blogging and these videos are not meant to intimidate or to demean anyone’s attempt. This is my best effort to offer what I know and what I’ve learned and hope that it can help someone else.

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