Waisted Kirtle

Abortive beginnings

Diary started June 23, 2011
Black short-sleeved waisted cotehardie started March 5, 2012, finished May 23, 2012.

I’ve spent quite a while thinking about this and finally set to work on this a few night ago. I have a bodice which I’ve used for my german gowns. That bodice ends at around the bottom of my ribs. I fiddled with this pattern and extended it down so that the bodice now ends at my natural waist (I added ~3″-4″ to the bottom all around). I also fiddled the pattern so that it uses side seams.

Then I threw the brown linen I’d set aside for this project into the washer. I only have 5 yards so I hope that’s enough. I suppose if it isn’t I’ll have to order more linen.

[Edited: After I’d washed the linen I realized it REALLY wasn’t enough and went back to the drawing board. Then the project sat around for almost a year before I took it up again.]

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